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Anodized Aluminum Tokens
Colored Aluminum tokens are available in months one through 11 and new this year, 18 months. Each has the Serenity Prayer on the reverse. Also available are the one through 10 year tokens.
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Newcomer or "Desire" Chips
Five newcomer or "desire" chips are available. 24 Hours (in gold or silver), One Day At A Time (gold) and Praying Hands (silver) each with the Serenity Prayer on the back. The Coffee Pot and Think Before You Drink tokens are both anodized silver.
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Custom Bronze or Aluminum Medallions Available For Your Special Events. Call For Die Quote and Prices.
Tradition plus! Our raised center is 12-sided as a reminder of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Available in 24 Hour, one through 11 months, 18 months, as well as one through 60 years.
< To Thine Own Self Be True
Blank Center >
< Camel
Recovery Angel >
< Praying Hands
One Day At A Time-
Script >
< One Day at a Time-
Coffee Pot >
< Man on the Bed
Praying Hands-
Spanish >
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22K Gold plated
medallions are available in one through 50 years with the Serenity Prayer on the reverse
Also offered are the Camel and Praying Hands each with their own verse on the reverse.

Our unique plating process helps prevent damage to these fine finishes.
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Bi-plated medallions are mirror bright gold and silver. Available one through 50 years with the Serenity Prayer on the reverse.

Also offered in 24 Hour.

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We specialize in servicing Inter Groups, Shops, Clubs and Meetings as well as Individuals for their token and medallion needs.
Bright Star Press, Inc., has been your number 1 chip & medallion supplier for over 50 years. Established in 1952, the first “Bright Stars” were open letters of encouragement from the company’s founder mixed with anecdotes and sayings to help each recovering person live “One Day at a Time”.

Elegant Midnight Blue, Mandarin Red and Classic Black Tri-plates are available in years one through 50. Also in 24 Hour, Camel, Praying Hands, Recovery Angel and Man on the Bed. Yearly medallions have the Serenity Prayer on the reverse and others their own verse.

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All antique bronze medallions are available as key rings. The Gold-plate, Bi-plate and Tri-plate medallions can be made into key rings with our bezels.
Side screw medallion holders with 18” chain or as key rings in Sterling Silver (fits Bi-plates) or Gold-filled (fits all).

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Address books available with the Serenity Prayer, One Day At A Time or the Service Symbol. Bumper stickers are available in blue or black. Literature is available individually or as a sample pack. Certificates one through 11 months and one through 50 years and Certificate of Appreciation for speaker also available. Stationery with envelopes available in packs of 12. Specify Birthday or Serenity Prayer.


Bright Star Press, Inc. has been serving the recovery community since 1952. The first “Bright Stars” were open letters of encouragement from the company’s founder (Walter S.) mixed with anecdotes and sayings to encourage each recovering person to live “One Day at a Time.” From that simple start, Bright Star has grown to have customers in every state and several other countries.

You, our customers, are special to us. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly service and remain committed to offering quality products at affordable prices.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:30 pm PST. You are welcome to leave a message or order on our answering machine should we be unavailable when you call. Most orders received before noon are processed and shipped the same day. No order is too large or too small for our personal attention. Visit us on the web at

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